Gabriele Torelli is silver medal in the Mini Challenge 2018 championship

On October 5 and 6, the driver competed for the last time with his John Cooper Works Challenge Pro with the desire to rebuild after some bad experiences collected in previous races and get the best possible placement.

Gabriele Torelli is silver medal in the Mini Challenge 2018 championship

Both in Misano and in Mugello, Gabriele Torelli had been forced to retire in the first of the two races due to a problem with the brakes and subsequently to the tires, losing pole position as his rival Sandrucci had been able to take advantage of his difficulties.

Despite the drawbacks, driver #44 managed to stand out with his incredible comebacks that allowed him to continue to hope and fight for his goal.

After the summer break in August, the Vallelunga race, held on September 8th and 9th, left Gabriele dissatisfied with a fourth place in both races that made the podium even farther.

At the end of an exciting championship there was only the final appointment at the Monza Autodrome, where this year the Ferrari driver Kimi Räikkönen set the record for the circuit with an average of 263.587 km/h.

At the Monza Eni Circuit Gabriele Torelli finished the first race in second place with a gap of +0.202 compared to the first classified Luca Rangoni while in race 2 he got a splendid victory after a heated fight with Filippo Maria Zanin in the first laps of the race.

Gabriele Torelli is silver medal in the Mini Challenge 2018 championship

ZARE, partner of the pilot since 2016, congratulates Gabriele Torelli for being able to climb on the second step of the podium in his first year in the Mini Challenge and have shown talent and tenacity in the pursuit of his seasonal goals.

We thank Gabriele for the excitement he gave us in these six adrenaline appointments and we just have to wait to find out what challenges our pilot will expect next season!

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