Laser Sintering SLS Technology

Laser Sintering SLS Technology

SLS allows the production of models with high performance materials such as AlluSinter (nylon filled with aluminium), CarbonSinter (nylon filled with carbon fibers), WhiteSinter (standard polyamide) and the rubber-like FlexSinter.
Ideal technology for the production of small quantity lots or big size models printed in smaller components and then assembled and finished directly by our post-process department. SLS technology creates models that can be both functional and esthetic with a proper surface finishing.


Windform XT 2.0

WINDFORM XT 2.0 is a structural material made of nylon filled with carbon fiber and it is the evolution of the groundbreaking high-performing WINDFORM XT. It is particularly suitable for the demanding applications required in industries such as motorsports, aeronautics, aerospace and UAVs.
WINDFORM XT 2.0 is a "Top Level" material, the state of the art for ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. [ details ]

Windform LX 2.0

WINDFORM LX 2.0 is a new polyamide based material reinforced with new generation Glass fibre system. The properties of WINDFORM LX 2.0 make it particularly suited for functional applications and finished complex parts. [ details ]



Is a structural material made of Nylon filled with aluminum; excellent for applications which require good mechanical and thermal characteristics. [ details ]


White Sinter
(PA 12)

Standard white Nylon, it’s a very good material for design aesthetic evaluations. It’s also widely used in the production of architectural models. [ details ]

FullCure 720

(Rubber Like)

FlexSinter is a sintered polymer that simulates the characteristics of the rubber. Many different colors are available all with 60ShA of hardness. [ details ]