Facilities - Surface finishing, Protective coatings, Painting

The growth for company Zare Prototyping into rapid prototype and also rising specialization, increase so much, the range of facilities, that Zare Prototyping should offer his clients. We belive that just in this way is possible enclose completely and entirely custumers’s requirements.

Surface Finishing

In addition to classic painting as sample, Zare's clients can have the opporunity, to obtain special surface finishing for example:

    Carried by galvanic procedure, just fit for rapid prototypes technology. Available wide variety of shades and many satins;
    Across this process, applicable to every kind of our prototyping technology, we can guarantee coatings in many colors ( gold,silver,copper,bronze and other shades) and different satins;
    Thanks to a special ceramic polish is possible cover its models (or just one portion of them) so to guarantee higher temperature of availment;
    Zare proposed to cover your models using carbon, alutex, kevlar (and many other light fibers) for make them more equal comparison the final;
    Thanks to our pattern, we are able to reproduce faithfully, in every shades of colors, many objects made by prototyping.

Light fibers

Using rapid prototyping is possible to create dies for the lamination about many fibers (carbon, alutex, kevlar, glass’s fiber) and abtain in this way, pre-series for next production, the whole in quick time.
ZARE collaborates with reliable and qualified partner, that gives the opportunity, first to create, and afterwards to produce, its pieces, with final fiber.

Reverse Engineering

This technology permits to observe geometry directly from physical object,through laser scan, afterwards, reported mathematics, should be modified and optimize.

Over our 50-year history in the field of precision mechanics we have always paid attention to process innovation, hence, in 2009 Zare becomes an independent Rapid Prototyping service provider; we rapidly consolidate our skills and improve our plant with new machines for metal sintering and large monolithic prototypes.
In 2011 we reach a new milestone: we open a new area dedicated to post-processing, prototypes finishing and medical and dental models; also, we make our service even more complete with special surface finishings, reverse engineering, lamination, light fibers.
Backed up by our accuracy and reliability we are ready to take on a new challenge: entering international markets.

The quality System of ZARE has been found to comply with the requirements of prEN 9100:2016 for the following scope: "Manufacture of prototypes and components in metal alloys and thermoplastic materials by Selective Laser Melting & Additive Manufacturing techniques (IAF 21, 17, 14)".

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