MEDICAL DIVISION, a cutting edge department dedicated to medical and dental prototyping.

Thanks to our department entirely dedicated to medical and dental prototyping we can manufacture a wide range of customized and biocompatible models, certified for medical use

Medical Division

Our history is strongly linked to metalworking and when it comes to choosing a rapid manufacturing technology we feel a strong affinity with metal sintering.
We have expanded our equipment with a new machine for laser melting metal powders: a Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R. This is the ideal machine for manufacturing components with extremely complex and elaborate structure and it guarantees high quality finish for small components. It is the machine of choice for the medical and dental sectors , in particular when using Remanium Star CL Cobalt-Chrome by Dentaurum as a material.

Our department also houses those production systems that are most commonly used for medical rapid prototyping and dental rapid prototyping: these machines use the PolyJet technology. The objet technology is the most used method in these sectors as it accurately reproduces every single anatomical detail of the patient. Medical rapid prototyping efficiently offers the doctor all the information on the clinical case and it allows to better plan the surgical approach.

  • Quick lead times
  • Extreme customization
  • Materials have received medical certification

Dental rapid prototyping processes can produce precise models that can be thermoformed to create invisible aligners.
Thanks to the wide range of technologies that we offer, it is also possible to produce whole models, such as TWEED orthomodels, suitable for special case studies.

We can produce laser sintered partial dentures and bridges of several units using Cobalt-Chrome (Remanium Star by Dentaurum), dental prosthesis suitable for ceramic coating and removable dentures made of castable resin. From an intra-oral scan we can manufacture models with detachable segments and custom-made models providing an ad hoc service for every necessity.

A comprehensive service tailored for medical practitioners

Starting from a CT scan (computed tomography) or a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) it is possible to produce a 3D model; as the model is refined client consultation is maintained through free previews. We use the Objet technology to create a physical model that accurately reproduces every minute detail of the patient’s anatomy.

  • surgical planning;
  • reduced operating room times;
  • custom-made surgical devices before the surgery;
  • better communication between doctors and between doctors and patients;
  • short prosthesis manufacturing lead times

Medical rapid prototyping is an efficient instrument that offers all the information that the medical practitioners need in order to better plan clinical and surgical intervention for the clinical case they’re dealing with; the materials we use have all received medical certification and are completely sterilizable. Using a transparent material co-molded with a contrasting material it is possible to point out nerves, bone structure and cavities.