Additive Manufacturing: how to anticipate innovations of the sector

The field of industrial 3D printing is constantly changing. The additive manufacturing sector is constantly growing, every day more and more companies are interested in the world of 3D printing, facing the scene more and more prepared and structured to withstand the competition. Knowing the themes and the possibilities guarantees an advantage that, to be maintained, must be accompanied by a constant updating of the Factory. Together, these factors constitute a stimulating challenge that is renewed in the daily life of Zare, with continuous investments aimed at the growth and improvement of production processes.

Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare

Being the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory means looking for new niches characterized by increasingly critical requests, aware of the fact that the industrial additive will be an increasingly specialized field. In this sense, as pointed out by the General Manager of Zare, Andrea Pasquali, the key word to understand the immediate future of Additive Manufacturing is specialization.

"Taking care of every need becomes more complex every day: the DNA of our company has always been oriented towards solving critical problems, critical for its destination, complexity or timing. Moving the concept of critic towards that of extreme is the daily work of Zare. "
-Andrea Pasquali, General Manager-

To meet the complex needs of customers, the starting point is the machine park which, in Zare, is undergoing a constant renewal in order to adapt the systems to the innovations of the sector. The manufacturers are in a moment of swirling innovation and this is why opening up to dialogue with those who produce plants, raw materials and testing equipment is essential for internal development.

"Constant dialogue with those who are developing the technology offers us the possibility of a profound comparison with those who are already benefiting and who will benefit in the immediate future of additive industrial production technologies."
-Francesco Boschetti, Marketing Manager-

Dialogue is what enables us to develop communication and event organization activities with manufacturers that allow to inform the insiders both as regards the news but also to tell the complexities of the additive manufacturing sector. One example is the initiative carried out in the factory on July 19th, the workshop dedicated to additive technology with Hp Jet Fusion, organized in collaboration with HP and Selltek.

Workshop dedicated to additive technology with Hp Jet Fusion

Finally, in addition to the economic investment necessary to guarantee the evolution of the Factory and its production systems, a fundamental part of our renewal work concerns the production standardization process to guarantee repeatability and adherence to the most stringent certifications typical of advanced sectors.

"The times to adapt are very tight, the demands are constantly increasing in complexity: technology and man compete to achieve results at the highest speed!"
-Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager-

Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager

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